V Maritime Congress in Szczecin 2017

8-9 June is the time when Szczecin is becoming even more maritime. There is the 5th edition of the Marine Congress, which allows industry representatives to meet and discuss current and future problems and how to solve them.

Maritime Congress is a platform of international cooperation for politicians, scientists and representatives of maritime companies to meet. A platform that allows discussion, reflection and presentation on the broader maritime world.

Representatives of Navdec.com also participate in this event. As a maritime company, we could not miss such an important point on the calendar.

On the first day, the organizers of the event, including the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, were honored to host the distinguished guests. The Marine Congress was opened by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo

The discussion panels that took place on June 8 were divided into 4 separate blocks:

– Shipping, ports and shipyards,

– Education and innovation,

– Law, finance and security,

– Fisheries and ecology

On the second and the last day of the International Maritime Congress, the most important topics were discussed. :

– investments in ports,

– the role of vocational schools in the education of human resources for the industry,

– sources of funding for the watering of Polish waterways.

Government representatives say that investment in maritime economy and inland waterway transport will pay off to everyone.

Participants will also talk about the maritime  of the new Silk Road from China to Europe, the construction of warships in Polish shipyards or offshore wind farms.

According to the President of the Northern Chamber of Commerce, Dariusz Więcaszka, the Maritime Congress is Europe’s largest gathering of people involved in the maritime industry and inland navigation.

The commencement of the meeting is scheduled for 10 o’clock. The Congress will conclude with a summary at 18.30 on the Wały Chrobrego . According to the organizers, about 800 people will participate in the event within two days.


Utterance by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo