Sup4Nav at the training center in Kamionka

Just recently launched the AVAL (Autonomous Vessel with Air Look) project, the Autonomous Ship with Air Eye. This is an innovative maritime navigation technology which, in various situations, threatens a collision at sea, using various sources of information – dron with a camera that will watch the area around the ship – will help you indicate a safe road. 

All this, however, would not have happened had it not been Navdec, which was created first in the world and will be used in this project. Its innovation has already been appreciated on ships equipped with navigation devices and built-in advanced  algorithms will help navigators make decisions at sea and will not allow for collisions. 

Our team Sup4Nav from 16.06 to 18.06 was at ship handling research and training centre located in Kamionka near Iława belonging to the Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environment Protection. It is an educational company that conducts courses and training of seafarers around the world to improve their water shipping. 

The Foundation’s main objective is to provide training to improve the maneuverability of ships, especially large ones. The Foundation not only organizes conferences, symposia and workshops, but also actively conducts research on marine hydromechanics. Much attention The Foundation devotes to the protection of the aquatic environment, while supporting other organizations whose activities coincide with its statutory objectives. 

The complex in Kamionka is currently one of five such places in the world, the others are located in France, USA, England and Australia. Of course, the trainings are not carried out on huge tankers measuring several hundred meters. Especially for the needs of training Poles personally build ships on a scale of 1:16 or 1:24. These are ideal copies of existing ships only 16 or 24 times smaller and relate to mass, dimensions, proportions or engine power. 

Sup4Nav team went to Kamionka for a meeting, which laid the groundwork for further action, as well as to familiarize with model ships and make initial tests. Are you curious about what these models look like? Please visit the gallery below.


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