MELES conference 2017 at Maritime Academy of Szczecin

Between 10 and 11 May, the MELES (More Entrepreneurship Life in European Schools) conference was held. It was held at the Maritime Academy in Szczecin, which is a member of the association of higher education institutions involved in this project.

The first day was devoted to greeting the participants, presenting the agenda of the conference. In turn, participants presented the conference presenting various topics on increasing entrepreneurship in college student life.


During the conference the participants had a coffee break and lunch where they could strengthen themselves before the workshops, which lasted from 14.00 to 17.00.


The workshop ended the first day of the conference.

The second and last day also started at 9.00 and continued the topics started the day before.
During this day also the participants of the MELES project, ie the students who participated in the summer school, were also present.

All the conferences ended with the speeches of project managers Ms. Jolanta Koszelew and Mr. Piotr WoĊ‚ejsza – President of Sup4Nav.

Below the photo gallery of the conference