Mareldays 2017 Conference – Maritime Electronics Days on WETI PG

At the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, Gdansk University of Technology took a place a conference Mareldays 2017 from 8.05-9.05.2017. Which is dedicated to modern marine electronics.

The Mareldays conference is an event for professionals who work as service technicians, designers, development and sales engineering specialists, shipyard technical director. At the event also participates in a large group of students of many specialties, eg Maritime Electronics System, Supported Systems, ICT, Wireless Engineering. We could not miss it either.

Conference focused on electronics and marine automatics. It was on the road of inspiration and broadening of students who are the future of this industry.

During a two-day conference we listened to lectures conducted by representatives of marine electronics from Poland, England and France. Several lectures have led Academic staff of Gdansk University of Technology research work, involving in electronics and marine automatics. This event is a great opportunity to see how broadly the concepts of marine electronics are and how to find prospective employers from this unique branch of maritime economy.


Podcast from Mareldays 2017


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