Polish inventors save sailors and shipowners

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In early October Sup4Nav was established. Thanks to this, a group of scientists from the Maritime Academy in Szczecin wants to sail to the wide waters of the business. They created a system to prevent ships collision. “Over the past 10 years only the Baltic Sea has had several collisions,” said Dr. Piotr WoĹ‚ejsza, President of Sup4Nav.

In just 10 years, only a few hundred collisions have occurred in the Baltic Sea. The cost is from several to tens of millions of dollars, so the losses of the shipowners are quite high. – This is not only the cost of repairs, but also the costs of decommissioning the ship.

The software developed by the Szczecin scientists is called Navdec. It collects data from ship-mounted systems and devices: satellite navigation, automatic identification system, radar, gyroscope (direction), log (speedometer) and anemometer (measures speed and direction of wind).

Once the data has been processed, a situation analysis is performed. If it qualifies as a collision, the system provides a possible range of course changes and indicates optimum based on international maritime rights. – It’s innovation on a global scale. Such a system has not yet been created

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