Dron over the ship warns against a whale. An innovative project of Poles

TVP.info portal wrote about us:

Specialists from Białystok, Iława and Szczecin begin work on a system to help ships avoid collisions. The project “AVAL” received over PLN 9.2 million in EU funding from the Intelligent Development program. The National Center for Research and Development also gave money. – The agreement is already signed, – informed Dr. Jolanta Koszelew from the IT department of the Bialystok University of Technology.

 “AVAL” is an acronym for the English term “Autonomous Vessel with an Air Look”, meaning “an autonomous ship with an air eye”. Dr. Jolanta Koszelew explains that it is an innovative sea navigation technology which, in various situations, threatens a collision at sea, using various sources of information – A drone with a camera that will watch the area around the ship – will help you indicate a safe road.

Sup4Nav specialists will look at how navigation uses “anti-collision” information that identifies the system and how to integrate it with the autopilot. – Sup4Nav is the only Polish company that has experience in the design and manufacture of expert systems used in maritime navigation. All elements of AVAL technology will be tested in Iława in the maneuvering center of the Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environmental Protection, one of the few centers in the world where you can maneuver ship models.

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