Bialystok Technical University. Researchers will get 9 million zloty for revolutionary AVAL marine project strefa biznesu portal wrote about us:

The employees of Bialystok University of Technology will participate in research on the technology that will be used in an autonomous seagoing ship. Researchers will create, among others. Special drones – The system we create is to be cheaper than the solutions that big companies are working on, “says Jolanta Koszelew, PhD, PhD, of the Computer Science Department at PB, coordinator of the AVAL project, which prepares researchers from Bialystok Polytechnic. It is co-operating with Sub4Nav from Szczecin, UpLogic from Białystok and the Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environmental Protection

However, we have experience in implementing similar ventures – convinces captain. Piotr Wołejsza from the Maritime Academy in Szczecin, representing the company Sub4Nav. – We have foreseen the project for three years. In the last year we will combine the work of all teams. And the prototypes will be tested at the center in Iława. This project is an ambitious initiative. But autonomous unmanned sea-going ships are the future. So now you have to create ready-made solutions.

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