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Navigational Decision Support System



Basic functions of the Navigational Decision Support System are as follows:

  • automatic acquisition, processing and presentation of navigational information
  • display of the navigational situation readable to the navigator
  • analysis of the navigational situation based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and the criteria of situation assessement used by navigators
  • signalling dangerous situations
  • solving collision situation through:
    • automatic determination of manoeuvre and trajectory, complying with regulations in force
    • explanation of the proposed manouvres
  • interaction with the navigator


New functionality:

  • recommended new course or new speed as well as sector of safe courses
  • presentation of our Status according to COLREGs including standard data from ARPA and AIS
  • solution computed for more than one vessel
  • calculated trajectory for anticollision manoeuvre for user defined input data
  • trajectories plotted for a safe solution of navigational situation (diffeent optimization methods and criteria)